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McDuff and Webb
Thursday Night Trio, McDuff, Webb & Hamamoto
McDuff & Webb
Webb & Addy Adds with Ann Vandersteel guest appearance
McDuff & Webb
“Bill Taylor Live,” update 01/18/21
McDuff & Webb Special Monday edition 01/18/21
McDuff & Webb
Thursday Night Trio with Webb, Hamamoto & McDuff

Book Readings

Dr. Mary’s Monkey by Edward T Haslam, 1 hour review
Population Control, by Jim Marrs, part 4 “Big Pharma: Money doesn’t deter malfeasance”
“War Against the Weak Part 14; Hitler Eugenics & IBM,” by Edwin Black
“War Against the Weak” Part 13 written by Edwin Black
Part 7 of “Killing the Planet” written by Rodney Howard-Browne & Paul L. WIlliams
Killing the Planet, part 6: “Killing Truth”
Population Control, by Jim Marrs, part 3: “Mere Coincidence”

McDuff’s Mindfields

McDuff’s Mindfields, ep. 103: “Bertrand Russell, James B. Conant, and the Bomb”
McDuff’s Mindfields, ep. 102: “Triumph des Willens”
McDuff’s Mindfields, ep. 101: “Does Joe Biden Really Exist?”
Mindfields 100: “Beethoven, Robeson and Me”
McDuff’s Mindfields, ep. 99: “The Cult of Isis”
McDuff’s Mindfields, ep. 98: “NSAM 57”
This one’s for George!


Andy’s Birthday Special! 8pm
Saturday Night Fiddling the Charette!

Watch Parties

Planet Lockdown, Aaron Russo and Catherine Austin Fitts

Special Messages


McDuff and Webb Early edition from the Charette! 10:40am
Live with Team W De-briefing from the US Capitol. January 6, 2021
Closing Thoughts from the Charette
Closing Thoughts from the Charette – Jan 22nd, 11:22 AM
George Webb and Addy Adds at the Capitol, 3pm 01/06/21
George Webb and Team W Live at the Capitol, January 6, 2021!
Team W Goes to Washington!
Live from the Charette No. 3. 8pm EST
Live from the Charette, No. 2. 11am. 01/05/21
Live from the Charette, No. 1with Addy Adds and George Webb 8pm 01/04/21

Executive Intelligence Review

Dope, Inc.and Legalized Gambling, EIR review #3, 12/31/20
Eugenics, British Psychiatry, and Mind Control
William P. Barr, Dope Inc. and the Bush Crime Family, Retrospective Report from EIR