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Guest Interviews

Live with Amber Connor (2021-08-31)
Thursday Night Trio with McDuff, Webb & Hamamoto (2021-08-26)
Harley and Me, August 24, 2021
EIR Friday with Dennis Small: Afghanistan– what’s next?
Thursday Night Trio – McDuff, Webb & Hamamoto (2021-08-19)
LIVE with Bill Taylor, D-State Analytics. (2021-08-17)
Classical Muse: America as a musical inspiration with David Shavin (2021-08-13)
Thursday Night Duo with McDuff & Hamamoto (2021-08-12)

McDuff’s Mindfields

McDuff’s Mindfields, ep. 134: “Faith, Courage, and Fear”
McDuff’s Mindfields, ep. 133: “The Occult Reset,” part 2: Transhumanism.
McDuff’s Mindfields, ep. 132: “The Occult Reset”
McDuff’s Mindfields, ep. 131: “The Fort Hunt Agreement”
McDuff’s Mindfields, ep.130: “McDuff, TDY, and the Rockefellers”
McDuffs Mindfields: Rockefeller, Calvinism, and MK Ultra ep. 129
McDuff’s Mindfields, ep. 128: “William Yandell Elliot and the Tennessee Templars”

Book Readings

The Yankee and Cowboy War, part 4
The Yankee and Cowboy War, part 3: The Round Table, the Kennedys and Meyer Lansky
The Yankee and Cowboy War, part 2
“The Yankee and Cowboy War,” by Carl Oglesby, part 1
How the Nation was Won, part 20: Benjamin Franklin
How the Nation Was Won, part 19, reading and comments
How the Nation Was Won, part 18


McDuff Memorial June 6th, 2021
Charette 2021-06-03 — Live with David Underdown, Housatonic Live, and friends!
McDuff’s Birthday Party
McDuff’s St. Patrick’s Day Party
“Fiddling for Peace & Happiness #3”
Andy’s Birthday Special! 8pm
Saturday Night Fiddling the Charette!

Special Messages


McDuff and Webb Early edition from the Charette! 10:40am
Live with Team W De-briefing from the US Capitol. January 6, 2021
Closing Thoughts from the Charette
Closing Thoughts from the Charette – Jan 22nd, 11:22 AM
George Webb and Addy Adds at the Capitol, 3pm 01/06/21
George Webb and Team W Live at the Capitol, January 6, 2021!
Team W Goes to Washington!
Live from the Charette No. 3. 8pm EST
Live from the Charette, No. 2. 11am. 01/05/21
Live from the Charette, No. 1with Addy Adds and George Webb 8pm 01/04/21

Executive Intelligence Review

Dope, Inc.and Legalized Gambling, EIR review #3, 12/31/20
Eugenics, British Psychiatry, and Mind Control
William P. Barr, Dope Inc. and the Bush Crime Family, Retrospective Report from EIR